Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Scandals! Part 3

And yet another sportsman... Ashley Cole.

Although Ashley Cole has not had any children, he is married to a pop star that’s ever growing in the spotlight, Cheryl Cole.

Sadly this is not the first time for Mrs Cole to have to go through a cheating ordeal. Back in January 2008, when his alleged affair with a hairdresser was made public, Cheryl worked through it with Ashley. This second alleged affair took place at the end of 2008, with Liverpool FC’s receptionist. Classy!
However, this time around she is announcing that their relationship is over, and is planning to divorce her partner and focus on her blossoming career. Have a look at Cheryl’s video for the latest single Parachute:
Video of Parachute single

So, that is a total of four scandals with men in the media in as many months. Wow. With the latest culprits including Take That’s Mark Owen, Sandra Bullocks’ husband Jesse James, as well as Kate Winslet’s husband of seven years Sam Mendes.

What does this show us? That the media is becoming increasingly more intrusive with the lives of the rich and famous. Or that these individuals are becoming numbingly insensitive and immoral when living the high life. I say both.

The easy argument is to blame it on the lying deceitful adulterous man. However, with constant female flirtatious attention thrust upon them, alongside busy wives unable to give their attention and stressful lives, are the men completely to blame?

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